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Андрей Is writing:
As usual, instantly!
27 Май 2021, 07:24
Александр Is writing:
Another quick exchange, thank you very much for the promptness and an acceptable rate!
26 Май 2021, 12:18
Maxim Is writing:
I use the exchanger many times. I like the round-the-clock operation and the exchange speed!
26 Май 2021, 10:27
Maxim Is writing:
Fast exchange, convenient, prices are adequate. I advise!)
26 Май 2021, 01:31
Бамболби Is writing:
Important!!!! very fast! keep it up!
25 Май 2021, 17:01
Tom Is writing:
Fast and reliable service. Recommend.
25 Май 2021, 15:12
Олег Is writing:
Well done, I liked it.
25 Май 2021, 12:40
Biret_06 Is writing:
I bought BTS from Tinkoff, everything is very fast and clear. Recommend
25 Май 2021, 08:04
Евгений Is writing:
As always, everything is on top. I have used it many times and everything is always clear! Recommend!!!
25 Май 2021, 01:15
Indira Is writing:
Very convenient verification and quick receipt of money
24 Май 2021, 13:43
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