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The rules of the exchange service

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1. Basic provisions

1.1. This agreement governs the relationship in the provision of services for the exchange of electronic currencies between the User (hereinafter referred to as the Client) and the service (hereinafter referred to as the Service).

1.2. The Service means an Internet resource called

1.3. Client - an individual or an organization making an exchange through

1.4. In the future, if the Client and the Service are referred to together, then they are referred to as the Parties.

1.5. Before using the services of the Service, the Client is obliged to familiarize himself with the terms of the Agreement in full.

1.6. The use of the services of the Service by the Client is possible only on condition that the Client understands and accepts all the conditions set forth in this Agreement.

1.7. The Service Administration has the right to change the clauses of the Agreement unilaterally. Changes are effective after they are published on the Service website.

1.8. This offer begins to operate from the moment the Client submits an application.

2. Subject of the Agreement

2.1. The service provides the services specified in Clause 4 of this Agreement. Also, the client is obliged to follow the rules, which are formulated in Clause 9. Services of the Exchange service are provided in the manner of this Agreement, the provisions of which are spelled out in Clause 5. 2.2. All operations performed in the Service are provided on a paid basis. The client who created an application on the site is obliged to pay for it.

3. Rights and obligations of the Parties

3.1. The Exchange Service is obliged to:

3.1.1. Exchange electronic currency, online payment systems Qiwi, Payeer, Perfect Money, Yandex.Money, ADVcash and others in compliance with all the rules stipulated in this Agreement.

3.1.2. Provide technical and informational support to Clients in the process of making money transfers using the Online Service.

3.1.3. Guarantee the safety of information on completed exchange operations, namely personal data, time of exchange, amount and other information. Exchanges carried out in different directions with confidential payment systems are of a Confidential nature and are not subject to disclosure.

3.1.4. Do not provide information about the conducted exchange operations to unauthorized persons. Exceptions are the following cases: - if the judicial authority located at the location of the Online Service has made a relevant decision, which has entered into force; - if a request is received from official law enforcement agencies and financial monitoring institutions operating at the location of the Online Service;

3.1.5. Provide discounts to the Client in accordance with the established Agreement.

3.1.6. Ensure that funds are credited to the account of the Client or a third party within 24 hours after receiving the complaint in the cases provided for in clauses 3.2.5, 5.4, 5.5 or 5.6.
3.2. Obligations of the Client:

3.2.1. Provide the Service with accurate information on the application to ensure the fastest possible exchange.

3.2.2. Indicate the real details of your email address to receive a notification from the Service about the progress of the exchange operation.

3.2.3 Comply with the requirements of this Agreement provided by the Service.

3.2.4. Notify the Service administration or online support about situations when funds were not paid in full or partially paid, as well as about cases specified in clauses 5.4. — 5.6. of the current Agreement. The notification must be sent no later than one month after the transaction. Otherwise, the client"s funds transferred by request will go to the Service.

3.2.5. To exclude any possible complicity in illegal trade and any other illegal operations using the services of the service.

3.2.6. To exclude in their practice using the service any actions, the implementation of which may cause direct or indirect harm to the fight against money laundering and money laundering;

3.2.7. Not to violate the requirements of regulatory enactments that establish the features of online exchange. 3.2.8. Independently calculate and pay all taxes required in accordance with the tax legislation of the User"s location.
3.3. The exchange service has the right:

3.3.1. Suspend the operation of the service for a certain time to troubleshoot and improve the Service.

3.3.2. Freeze the transaction, pending clarification of the circumstances, if a complaint about Fraud has been received from Clients or partners and representatives of the competent authorities.

3.3.3. Establish a system of discounts for exchange operations at your discretion.

3.3.4. Set and change the size of the commission for the exchange.

3.3.5. Cancel the ongoing operation and return the funds deposited by the User with reimbursement of commissions to the User without giving any reason.

3.3.6. The online service has the right to demand from the Client a screenshot of the confirmation of the completed operation using communication means, e-mail, if an error was made during the exchange.

3.3.7. Stop communicating with the User who expresses profanity, asks questions regarding the Confidentiality of the service or refuses to provide the necessary information to employees.

3.3.8. Block a transaction in the cases provided for in cl. 5.4-5.6 of this Agreement.

3.3.9. Block funds, and do not return until the Client is identified.

3.3.10 The security service of the service has the right to freeze the client"s application in the event that he received illegal enrichment in any way in this or a third-party exchange service and is on the list of debtors, until the reasons are clarified and compensation for losses incurred by exchangers from this user.

3.3.11 The Service has the right to revise the terms of remuneration for the referral program.

4. List of services provided by the Service

4.1. The service carries out operations for the exchange of electronic currencies, cryptocurrencies, it is also possible to use Bank transfers. This list can be found on the main page of the site.

4.2. The exchange service is not entitled to check the client for the availability of funds used for currency exchange.

5. Regulation of exchange operations

5.1. The exchange is considered to be started upon the transfer of funds on a particular request from the Client.

5.2. The exchange is considered complete only after the funds are transferred to the account provided by the Client.

5.3. The client does not have the right to cancel the operation after it has already begun, or to demand a refund of the funds transferred for exchange.

5.4. If an amount is transferred from the User that does not coincide with the details specified when registering the exchange, then the Service has the right to freeze the transaction until the Client contacts in the manner of clause 3.2.5, the Service carries out upon the fact of the amount received, taking into account the rate set at the time the transaction began.

5.5. If you specify an incorrect or blocked account, the exchange is not made. The money is returned to the Client upon his request on the basis of clause 3.2.5. At the same time, a commission is charged, as well as a penalty - 2% of the amount transferred.

5.6. If the Client has made an adjustment to the payment amount or made a payment from someone else"s account, then the Online Service has the right to block such a payment. Refunds are made at the request of the User on the basis of clause 3.2.5. But the User is charged a commission and a fine of 2%.

5.7. If the funds were received from an account other than the one specified in the application or the notes to the payment were changed, the Service has the right to block the transaction. Refunds are made upon the Client"s request based on clause 3.2.5. minus the commission and a penalty of 2% of the transfer.

5.8 Receipts of funds in banking directions can be up to 5 (five) banking days.

5.9 The client undertakes to pay for the application within 15 minutes, otherwise the application may be deleted or recalculated at the current rate.

5.10 In the case when the payment from the client has not been received for a long time due to the fact that the sender indicated a low commission for sending, or the withdrawal was made from a third-party site that delays payment, the exchange service has the right to recalculate the exchange rate in the application at the time of receipt funds.

5.11 In the case when the exchange is made with an additional payment from the exchange service, the discount is not applied.

6. Warranties and responsibilities of the Parties

6.1. The service does not bear material and moral responsibility for incorrect filling of the application or other errors in the implementation of the exchange of electronic currency. If the funds were transferred to the wrong account specified in the application by the Client, then the operation can not be canceled or refunded.

6.2. The service is not responsible for damage or loss of functionality of the equipment or its individual elements, caused during the exchange.

6.3. The Service is not responsible for late payment of any Financial Institution.

6.4. is not responsible for losses or non-receipt of income if they arose as a result of erroneous representations by the Client regarding tariffs or the profitability of transactions.

6.5. The service is not responsible for financial losses incurred due to translation delays.

6.6. The client confirms that he is the rightful owner or has legal grounds for using the funds that are involved in exchange operations. 6.7. The Client agrees to reimburse losses to third parties, the occurrence of which is indirectly or directly related to the use of the services by the Client.

7. Changes to the terms of the Agreement

7.1. The Administration of the Exchange Service has the right to edit or change this Agreement at any time. Changes become effective after they are published or posted on the official website.

8. Force majeure

8.1. In the event of force majeure circumstances, the Parties are released from liability for non-fulfillment or untimely fulfillment of the terms of this Agreement. Force majeure means war, terrorist attack, fire, flood, riots, hacker infiltration, acts of local authorities. Also included are power outages and lack of access to networks, including the Internet and communication services.

9. Procedure for carrying out exchange operations

9.1. It is forbidden to use the exchange service for illegal transactions, fraud. The client agrees to be held liable for an attempt to exchange funds of a fraudulent nature, in accordance with the established laws of the state where the violation was committed.

9.2. When conducting search activities, if the illegality of the payment is proven, the Service has the right to provide information to the requested law enforcement agencies.

9.3. To exchange currency, the Client must transfer the required amount of electronic funds from his virtual wallet. Moreover, he is personally responsible for the legality of the sources of their receipt.

9.4. The exchange service is not responsible for the execution of the transfer made for the Client by third parties.

9.5. The client, by clicking the button "I agree with the exchange rules", accepts all the terms of this Agreement.